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27 June

Hey Girlfriend!

How have you been doing? It’s been awhile since we last connected so I thought I would fill you in on what’s been going on in my life.

A few months ago I was shopping for clothes at the new local mall because I had outgrown my size 12 jeans, I couldn’t believe I gained more weight! Anyway, there I was browsing the Plus Size section when I ran into Melissa. Do you remember her? She went to our high school and was part of the marching band. She was overweight and we always made fun of her wearing that geeky costume that was too tight around her stomach. I think she invented the term “muffin top.” Oh and don’t forget those underarms that would flap like a windsail when she blew her trombone.

Well, I hardly even recognized her when I spotted her at the mall, she looked fabulous! She lost a ton of weight and looked really toned and fit, like she should be on the cover of one of those fitness magazines.

At first I didn’t want to say anything because I was ashamed of how out-of-shape I let myself become, and having 2 kids didn’t help my body much either. But I was so shocked at Melissa’s transformation I just HAD to ask her about it.

She was totally sweet with me after I told her my name and said we went to high school together. I apologized for teasing her when she wore her band uniform and she was cool with it, saying the past is the past and she has changed for the better. I’d say so! After a few minutes of chatting I finally made a comment about how great she looked and asked her which plastic surgeon she went to for her liposuction. She laughed and said she didn’t have any plastic surgery at all! She said she changed all on her own, by incorporating simple exercises and a healthy diet into her lifestyle.

I said she had to have done more than that, she looked like a magazine cover fitness model! I asked her again what her secret was. She said it was true, exercise and diet was the only change she made.

So I asked her more about this so-called “program” she was following, and she gave me the name, it’s called “Fitness Model Program.” She said anybody can follow it and achieve fabulous results, even if you aren’t interested in modeling! I said I’m too busy for that exercise stuff, and my body isn’t going to change after having two kids anyway. She said she didn’t start the program until after she had kids of her own and gained an additional 45 pounds during the pregnancies. Now after following the program consistently she lost all her baby weight and looks better than she did in high school. Her energy levels are through the roof too.

She advised that I purchase “Fitness Model Program” and if it wasn’t for me, I had a full 8 weeks to return it and get my money back. I said I would think about it. She had to run and pick up her children from school so we exchanged phone numbers and said we would keep in contact.

A few days later I decided to order “Fitness Model Program” and see how easy this program really was. If the fat girl from high school marching band can do it, then why couldn’t I?

Oh man girlfriend, I’m glad I did order “Fitness Model Program!” It is written by Jennifer Nicole Lee, who was once over 200 pounds herself and a single mom. Now she competes in figure competitions all over the country, has appeared on numerous fitness magazine covers and is a personal trainer in her hometown. She really knows her stuff!

After only a few weeks of following the exercises and sticking to the eating plan, I could see fat melting off of my body everywhere. I was gaining muscle in places I didn’t even know I had muscle. My butt was tightening up and my boobs were lifted and the underarm jiggle was disappearing. Hey, I was starting to transform my body! And all without pills, powders or plastic surgery! Melissa was right, exercise and diet is all you need! And “Fitness Model Program” of course!

My kids love their new healthy mommy, and my husband loves to go lingerie shopping with me wink wink I have tons of energy and my skin cleared up as an added bonus. I can’t thank Melissa enough for sharing her “secret” and now you know too!

Girlfriend, you need to pick up a copy of “Fitness Model Program” even if you never plan to become a fitness model! It will be the best decision you ever make. Inside you’ll learn these top secrets:

• Basic muscle-building exercises you can do in your own home with minimal equipment
• Which forms of cardio burn the most bodyfat
• Which foods to eat and recommended portion sizes
• Guilt-free desserts…. Yes, dessert is allowed!
• Building a bootilicious booty
• Exercises to eliminate underarm jiggle
• Easy cardio you can do in your own home
• How to build strong, lean legs
• Staying focused and mentally positive

• What to do when you are having a bad day… we all have those!

Plus, you get recommended products for make-up, hair, tanning, skin care and much more!

So stop sulking around the house about how much weight you’ve gained and how unattractive you feel, pick up a copy of “Fitness Model Program” and get that dream body!
Well I gotta run and do some errands, talk with ya later girlfriend!

Love ya,

P.S. Remember the 8 week money-back guarantee… what do you have to lose?

P.S.S. Don’t forget about the beach vacation we planned for this summer, I know you’ll look great in a new bikini with your new body!

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