3 Easy Ways To Get Cut For Your Figure Competition

16 January

If you are planning to take part in a figure competition I don't have to tell you the dedication, determination, and focus it takes to go through the figure prep process. The well-sculpted and polished figure competitors you see on the figure stage trained specifically for the physique they display. No doubt, prepping for a figure contest takes work, and it takes hard work to get cut and defined.

In this short article I am going to share with you 3 easy ways to get cut for your figure competition.

Tip #1 - Eat a clean diet full of natural food

Your figure competition diet needs to be void of processed food. You are not going to build a figure competitor's body by eating Special K and Rice-A-Roni. Processed food is chalk-full of chemicals, fillers, stabilizers, preservatives, and an array of unhealthy ingredients. A great body is built by nutrients present in whole and natural foods, not man-made chemical-laden food like items.

Tip #2 - Eat like clockwork

If you REALLY want to get cut for your figure competition it is utterly important that you eat like clockwork. Eating like clockwork simply means to eat EXACTLY every 3 hours, no matter what. I can't express the importance of eating your scheduled meal on time. Eating like clockwork trains your body to receive food and metabolize accordingly. When you train your body to receive meals at certain times you have better control over burning body fat.

Tip #3 - Vary your weight training workout program often

Just as your figure competition diet is important for muscle gain and fat loss, so too is your figure workout program. If you want to get cut for your figure competition, it is just not enough to do push-ups, kettleball swings, and mountain climbers. You have to TRAIN your muscles with weights. The constant challenge via weight training builds muscle, which in turn burns even MORE stubborn body fat. Not only do you need to train with weights, you need to shock your muscles often to keep them responding with such training principles as negatives, drop sets, partials, burns, etc.

You see, it is not complicated to prep for your first figure competition; you just need the correct information so you don't make costly mistakes. If you want to get cut for your figure competition you need to set aside some time to prepare a balanced diet for your body weight and map out an intense weight training program to build muscle and burn body fat.

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