3 Easy Ways to Hire a Figure Coach

16 January

Finding a good figure coach isn't easy, and sometimes it can be downright frustrating, too. If you do a search on the Internet you will see an overabundance of information on how to hire a figure coach.

Figure competition trainers are a dime a dozen and most are good, and others are simply AWESOME. I am going to share with you 3 things to look for when you go to hire a figure coach to prep you for a figure competition.

Tip #1 - Make sure he or she has real client and before and after pics

A picture is worth a thousand (and more) words. The sport of figure competition is the art of illusion. Your figure trainer should be able to diet you down in such a way that you lose nasty, ugly body fat and hold on to every ounce of beautiful lean muscle mass. The best way to see this type of transformation is via before and after pictures.

Tip #2 - Research the figure coach you plan to hire

It is easy for others to Photoshop and steal client pictures from other well-established figure trainers. Therefore, it is up to you to do some homework and research on the best figure coach for you. Research his or her name, background, about page, testimonials, before and after photos, books he or she may have written, etc. You can never have too much information on the trainer you are planning to hire.

Tip #3 - Inspect what you expect

When you go to hire a figure trainer you really should inspect what you expect. I have heard SO many horror stories of ladies investing in a figure coach, only to be tossed aside by unanswered e-mails and failure to update figure prep programs. To avoid this downfall, contact the figure trainer you plan to hire and ask about his or her order of business. See how long it takes him or her to e-mail you back, and that will give you a great deal of insight of that person's work ethics.

It doesn't have to be a painstaking process. If you really want to hire a figure coach that suits your needs, then set aside a little bit of time and research the information. Don't stop at the first trainer you find. Bookmark him or her and find at least 5 other trainers you think you might want to e-mail for more information.

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