3 Rules for Getting Figure Competitor Arms

16 January

Have you ever wondered how those figure competitors get those amazing head-turning arms? If you ever had a dream of entering a figure competition or just to look like a figure model, to have the same great physique and jaw-dropping arms, I'll give you some tips to get just that!

When it comes to those beautifully capped figure competitor shoulders and tight biceps and triceps, you need to construct a training program specifically designed for that. Here are some cool figure training tips to achieve those tight arms.

To create that beautiful tailored proportion, put your primary focus into creating well-developed shoulders. Well-rounded shoulders are eye-pleasing and give your upper body a healthy lift making your waist appear smaller. Also, well-developed and capped shoulders accentuate the biceps and triceps much better than NOT having your shoulders properly developed.

Rule #1 - Develop Your Shoulders

Always start your shoulder training with a compound exercise such as barbell shoulder presses, dumbbell shoulder presses, or machine shoulder presses. Beginning your shoulder training with a compound exercise allows you to hit ALL the muscles of the shoulders at the same time. Follow-up with front raises, bent-over lat raises, and lateral raises to further isolate all the heads of the shoulders.

Rule #2 - Develop Your Triceps

It is important to start your triceps training by hitting the long head of the triceps first with exercises such as dumbbell overhead extensions or dumbbell overhead extension. Follow up with hitting the middle head with such exercises as the skulls, incline skulls, and finish off with lateral triceps head training with kickbacks and push-down with the rope attachment.

Rule #3 - Develop Your Biceps

With biceps training you need to put your focus into training the long head with palm-up exercises such as barbell curls, EZ bar curls, and drag curls. The shorter head of the biceps is involved more with the rotation of the forearms including such exercises as the wide-grip curl or alternate dumbbell curl.

The key to successful figure competitor arm training is beginning with the largest muscle you are training and work down from there. This will allow you the most power for the most important exercise, the compound exercise.

Be sure to NOT over-train your arms. Remember, your arm muscles are stimulated with chest and back training. Therefore, just 3 exercises for each arm muscle group is quite enough. Shoot for 3-4 sets with about 8-12 reps.

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