Creating the Perfect Contest Diet

16 January

The decision to compete in a figure competition is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and see what you are really made of. However, preparing for a contest can be just a challenging as the competition itself.

To breakdown the clutter and confusion I'm going to share with you some tips on how you can crate the perfect figure contest diet to melt body fat to display your hard-earned lean muscle mass.

If I could give you one, very important, CRITICAL fat loss tip, what would be to put 100% focus and dedication in to your figure competition diet plan. Just the average weight loss diet isn't enough. You need a well-sculpted and precise figure contest diet plan to follow if you want to lose body fat and keep your lean muscle.

A stating point to your contest dieting would be to not overeat. An easy tool to use to find your calorie niche is to multiply your current body weight by 10. By doing this, you can expect to lose 1-3 pounds your first week.

Many figure competitors eat 5-7 small, yet balanced meals a day. This constant grazing allows them to continually feed their muscles protein throughout the day, maintaining a positive nitrogen balance. In addition, the constant small feedings allow competitors to keep blood sugar levels stable.

A sample figure contest diet outline can look similar to the following:

Meal #1 - 1 cup of oatmeal with an egg white omelet

Meal #2 - 1 piece of fruit mixed in a protein drink

Meal #3 - 1 cup of veggies, 3 oz of grilled chicken, with some nuts

Meal #4 - 3 oz sweet potato with 3 oz grilled turkey breast

Meal #5 - 1 piece of fruit mixed in a protein drink

Meal #6 - Egg white veggie omelet with a handful of almonds on the side

Now, this is just a general breakdown of how a figure contest diet plan will appear, you can spice it up with adding salsa to your egg white omelet, using salt sparingly, use a variety of herbs and spices such as Mrs. Dash. Try mustard and low-fat cheese, and other such low-sugar condiments on your proteins for a kick.

Also, one very important element to your figure competition diet plan is to drink a LOT of water. By keeping your water intake high, about a gallon a day, you will be able to flush out excess sodium, toxins, and fat. Drinking adequate water is the must overlooked fat-loss method.

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