Figure Competition and Protein Secrets

08 January

Prepping for a figure competition can be a chore. You need to watch your calories, your macro-nutrients (protein, carbs, fat), drink adequate water, weight train to build muscle, do cardio to lose body fat, etc. Even so, there are a few figure competition and protein secrets you should know if you want to build a winning body that will dominate the stage.

In this short and informative article I am going to reveal to you some of the best tips, tricks, and secrets top-level and IFBB figure pros use to dial-in and win their figure contest.

To step on stage and compete in a figure contest you NEED to have a solid muscle base. Lean muscle mass is built by weight training to tear down the muscles, eating protein rich meals to feed the muscles, and resting to allow the muscles to grow.

The actual muscle growth process does not happen in the gym when you are weight training. Your muscles will ONLY grow if you receive the proper post-training meal combined with adequate rest. Your muscles build when you are resting.

Increased Meal Frequency
By implementing a few figure competition protein secrets, you can take advantage of your body's natural anabolic rhythm and build more lean muscle tissue naturally. One way to do this is by eating a small balanced meal every 3 hours containing a complete protein and a complex carb.

Post-Training Meal
While eating several small protein-rich meals a day will give you the advantage, another important aspect is your post-training nutrition. After weight training your muscles are severely depleted of glycogen. Simply by eating a meal rich in carbs and protein 20-60 minutes after your weight training, you can increase protein synthesis by 80%, giving you the competitive advantage.

Natural Supplements
One of the most overlooked figure competition protein secrets is the simple use of basic supplements such as branched-chain amino acids (BCAA). These specific amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, valine) are quickly absorbed by your body to be used in the muscle-building process. BCAAs are in many protein drinks and will fit right in perfectly post-training. To increase protein synthesis even more you can take BCAA supplement tablets between meals.

These are just a few simple figure competition protein secrets nearly all of the top-level and IFBB figure pros use to get in such jaw-dropping and excellent shape that leads them to dominating contest after contest.

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