Figure Competition Cheat Meals

08 January

No doubt, prepping for a figure competition requires some strong dedication and the better you want to look and place, the more extreme you must be with your diet, training, and cardio. A heated question I am often asked is about figure competition cheat meals.

A few of the figure competitor's top questions on this subject are: What is a cheat meal, can I have one, how to I implement it, and will it hurt my dieting prep?

Luckily, in this short, yet informative article I am going to clear up the confusion on this controversial subject so you can plan your figure competition diet prep accordingly.

The top IFBB figure pros indeed to take a formally scheduled cheat meal once a week. Figure competition cheat meals need to be scheduled and followed accordingly for them to work properly. The trick behind the cheat is to throw your body off guard and cause it to burn more calories.

You see, a figure prep diet requires that you follow a formal diet of a set amount of calories and macros all week. By tossing in a cheat meal you completely throw your body off guard causing it to jack-up your metabolism for the next several days.

A big question I get is "Can I eat anything I want?" The answer to that question is yes. At the start of your figure prep you are kind of loose and will tighten things up weekly as you go along. Your figure competition cheat meals the first month can be any dish you want. However, you must limit this one cheat meal to one day in order for it to work correctly.

As the weeks pass and you draw close to your figure contest it will be important to change your scheduled cheat meal into a scheduled re-feed day. A re-feed day is similar to a cheat day, but with a re-feed day you choose higher calorie foods for quality sources. You eat the same diet on re-feed day, just more calories, primarily carbs.

This fine-turning process of eating figure competition cheat meals and slowly tweaking those and making them into re-feed meals on set days will allow you to have complete control over your rate of fat loss and control hunger. You will find that after a few weeks of cheating on your diet you aren't going to want your cheat day at all.

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