Figure Competition Fat Loss Program

15 January

No doubt, prepping for a figure contest takes motivation and work. To be prepared, enter, and win your figure competition you will need to diet, do cardio, and weight train. Most first time figure competitors struggle with how to implement the perfect figure competition fat loss program.

To clear the constant dieting confusion on what the best figure contest diet is, I am going to share with you simple tips on how you can eat the perfect figure diet to lose nasty body fat AND build lean sculpted muscle the judges will love.

Figure Competition Diet Tip #1 - Now, before you go slashing your calories down to 1200 a day and doing an hour of cardio, take a step back and find your starting point. More often than not, you don't need to take such drastic measures to lose body fat.

A successful figure competition fat loss program should include enough calories to support your metabolism and cardio, and still allow you to lose 1-2 pounds of body fat a week.

Figure Competition Diet Tip #2 - One sure-fire way to prompt your body to start burning off fat today is to reduce complex and starchy carbs and replace them with non-starchy veggies. Non-starchy veggies will flip the fat burning switch and you will be able to burn 80% more fat in just 2-3 days.

Figure Competition Diet Tip #3 - Another way to triple fat loss for your figure contest is to drink at least a gallon of water a day. By drinking a gallon of water a day your body can easily purge excess sodium and fat right out of your body in a day or two.

Figure Competition Diet Tip #4 - Implement the above 3 steps consistently for one week and lose at least 7 pounds or more in one week. No lie... If you put into action the above figure competition fat loss program for 7 consecutive days, you WILL lose body fat, slim down, and see a visual change you will be pleased with.

Figure Competition Diet Tip #5 - After 7 days, and after your noticeable fat loss take a much needed cheat meal. Please keep this cheat meal limited to one day and one meal for it to work effectively. This one scheduled, approved, cheat meal will inject a surplus of calories, carbs, and fat to shock your body. This will set your metabolism into motion to burn MORE fat next week.

The one factor to keep in mind is that your dedication and consistency to these 5 steps in this figure competition fat loss program is what will determine your success.

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