Figure Competition Posing Tips

08 January

Figure competitions are exhilarating, and competing in one takes more than just strict dieting practices and extreme workouts. A figure contest is a multi-dimensional sport, and one VERY important element to the process is figure competition posing.

To have the upper hand on stage you need to know the basics how to pose correctly. Therefore, this article will reveal to you some of the most important tips and tricks you should implement to take your physique to a new level and even win your contest.

A well-prepared figure competitor not only diets to lose body fat and works out to build muscle, but she also knows how to pose, and pose well. You can have the best body in the lineup, but if you don't know how to pose, then all your hard work is down the drain.

The most CRITICAL aspect to figure competition posing is properly displaying your physique to the judges. Proper posing highlights your strong points and hides your weaknesses. In addition, good posing shows you have confidence and will help the judges choose you as the winner.

Displaying proper stage presence can set you apart from the other figure competitors.

You stage presentation should display poise, personality, charm, and charisma. It should replicate your personality. It is the art of looking and acting like a champion.

One important factor to remember while on stages is to NEVER relax. Every second you are on stage you need to flex and keep tight every muscle in your body. While you may hear the judges tell the figure competitors to relax, take note that the competitors will go into a casual pose or model pose.

The casual pose or model pose is a feminine pose held slightly to the side with one leg extended, one arm extended, and one hand placed on the hip. This pose allows you to remain tight without having to be in a full rigid pose.

Another aspect to figure competition posing is how you turn on stage. When you are on stage, your turns will always be to the right, never to the left. When you go into a quarter turn, you need to be in that next pose immediately. You have worked too hard for too long to let the judges see your muscles in any relaxed form on stage.

Lastly, once your time on stage is over, acknowledge the judges and audience, give them a little wave and exit the stage. If you can manage this easy figure competition posing tips you can take your competition experience to a new level and even win.

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