Figure Competition Training Tips

16 January

The thought of entering and competing in a figure contest can be quite scary for the first time figure competitor. There is so much to do and think about to get ready for the event. You need to eat the right diet to lose ugly body fat, but you also have to implement the correct figure competition training program to ensure you keep and even build lean muscle mass.

In this brief, yet informative article, I'm going to give some highly valuable figure contest training tips to take your workout to the next level to build muscle and burn fat.

Tip #1 - Work your weak body parts first

Successful figure competitors place well and win because they display proportion (upper body balance with lower body) and symmetry (left side balanced with right side). These successful figure competitors are well-balanced because they embrace and put focus on their weaker body parts, making them strong body parts. Your figure competition training should begin by working your weakest body part first so you are sure to hit it with 100% focus.

Tip #2 - Start your training with a compound exercise

Compound exercises hit ALL the muscles in the targeted muscle group at the same time. By starting your figure contest training with a compound exercise, it guarantees you that you stimulated it fully, allowing for best possible muscle growth and development. Such compound exercises include the dead lift, squats, shoulder press, dips, bench press, etc.

Tip #3 - Double-up on training

Every figure competitor has a weak body part, but most top-placing competitors are good at hiding their weak body parts. A great way to bring a weaker body part up to speed is to train it twice a week. Make one workout for the weak body part heavy and the next workout a light one. Space these two workouts 3-4 days a part for maximum effectiveness.

Tip #4 - Use shock training

To take your figure competition training to the next level, implement the use of shock training principles. Your body adapts to nearly anything, diet, cardio, and even training. You can quickly and effectively pull your training out of a rut by using a variety of training tactics to change exercise, set, and rep scheme.

As you can, your figure competition training program doesn't have to be boring, and you can keep changes coming along all the time. Just apply these simple contest training tips and you can watch your body transform in just weeks.

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