Figure Competitor Abs and How You Can Have Them Too!

16 January

Do you know what it takes to get those figure competitor abs? Many people will say that to get those six-pack abs you need to do a lot of crunches. Ab crunches are a GREAT exercise to getting a lean mid-section, but there are many other aspects that are involved if you want a nice and tight waist.

If you have a sheer desire and discipline, then there's no reason you can't build a nice set of six-pack abs. Here's how.

The raw truth about those figure competitor abs is eating a clean diet. A clean diet does NOT include junk food such as soda, cookies, crackers, cake, pastries, fast food, etc. A diet primarily composed of whole and natural foods will give you ripped abs in a very short amount of time.

Choose natural proteins such as chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, beef, etc. These will support lean muscle gains, boosting your metabolism, and in turn, burn body fat. Be sure your diet is balanced by including wholesome carbs such as potatoes, oats, brown rice, as well as essential fats found in avocados, natural peanut butters, nuts and seeds, and healthy oils. Ideally, if your food can be hunted, picked, gathered, harvested, etc. it is considered acceptable for fat loss.

Also, cardio is a factor in getting those figure competitor abs. Cardio burns calories and increases your metabolism to burn excess body fat. When the layers of body fat drop, your lean and tight abs will be more apparent.

There's no need in doing cardio 7 days a week for hours on end. Simply get on a scheduled cardio program of something light to moderate such as 3 times a week for 20 minutes and increase the time or days slowly do you don't overwhelm your body and burn out. A few tricks with cardio and making it effective is slow progressing and changing up the intensity.

Another aspect to getting those figure competitor abs is ab exercises. Since the abs are a small muscle group you don't intend to build larger in size, it is perfectly acceptable to train your abs several times a week. Most figure competitors train their abs every other day.

Be sure to get a complete ab workout by doing reverse crunches, bicycle crunches, exercise ball crunches, vertical leg crunch, etc. By implementing a variety of ab exercises, you target the abs really well, increase circulation to that area, and burn MORE body fat!

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