First Time Figure Competitor Tips

16 January

Are you a first time fitness figure competitor? If so, you are probably filled with a lot of emotion such as excitement, nervousness, confusion, etc. If you want to enter your first figure competition you need to do the groundwork and lay the foundation including a tailored diet, rigorous weight training system, fat-burning cardio program, and all the other extras involved in getting on stage and competing.

While this all may sound overwhelming right now, I'm going to break it down for you step-by-step so you can take action, begin getting results, and enter your first figure competition.

To get on the figure stage and compete with your peers you will need to be ready, and this means doing your homework. You need to make sure you have a good solid foundation to diet and exercise around. I highly suggest having at least one good hear of solid weight training under your belt before attempting to prepare for a figure competition. This does not mean you have to bulk-up and be muscle-bound. Simply construct a quality weight training program to build some good solid muscle.

After you spend some time building your muscle base, find a contest in your area you think you might want to compete in. Do some research online, chat with others at your gym, and ask around on message boards about figure competitions in your area. Once you select a contest, make sure you give yourself at least 12 weeks to prepare for it, but longer is better. Some figure competitors prepare for as long as 16 and 20 weeks.

When you start your fat-loss process for your figure show, begin slowly. Lower your calories little by little so you don't burn up all the muscle you just built. Also, add cardio in slowly and build it up gradually. By tackling fat loss slowly via diet and cardio, you are burning the candle at both ends, allowing for fat loss and not muscle loss.

If all this seems overwhelming and confusing, hire a figure coach to think for you. We are our own worst critic, and if we think the fat is not coming off fast enough or we think we should be shaping up faster, that could lead disastrous results such as cutting calories into starvation mode and over-training on the cardio. Slicing calories and jacking-up the cardio are the WORST things you can do to amp up fat loss. It's far better to have your figure coach critique you and adjust your program.

Finally, make sure your figure coach has competed herself. A woman's body is MUCH different from a man's body and will respond to dieting and exercising differently. Also, women have different needs than a man in figure competition prep mode and must tackle fat loss and peak week differently.

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