How Do I Enter One of Those Figure Competitions?

16 January

So, you have a goal of competing in your first figure competition. That's great and you will have a LOT of fun. If you are new to exercising and dieting and the whole fitness scene, the thought of entering and competing in a figure show can be quite over whelming.

However, if you get a few basic steps down, you will see that entering and participating in your first figure competition is pretty easy and a lot of fun.

In this article I'll share with you the starting steps you need to get under your belt to have you well on your way to entering a figure contest.

The first step to entering your first figure competition is a healthy diet and exercise program. I would suggest get at least a good year of training under your belt before you enter your first figure contest. Why? Because you need to develop a strong muscle base to support dieting and intense training. Start eating a balanced meal every 3 hours and make sure you are weight training 4-6 days a week.

The next step to entering a figure competition is to find an organization to compete in. These days there are a number of figure and fitness organizations you can choose to compete in. Some of the most popular are NPC, OCB, NGA. They are all similar to a degree, but may require different things such as amount of muscularity and leanness one may display. It is a good idea to take some time out to search and review all the organizations you may be interested in.

Also, attend a figure competition in your area. By going to a figure contest and being a live audience member, you will get the first hand feeling and inside detail of what is involved and what the figure competitors go though. It's really quite exciting to be a part of the audience, especially if you want to enter your first figure show.

The next step to entering a figure competition is hiring a figure coach, someone with a similar body to yours and who has competed as well. It is far better to get figure coaching information and advice from another female because they know exactly how the female body responds to certain foods, dieting, training, and the entire prep process. Women don't need a truck-load of food and excessive carbs. A women's body is different and must be provided a figure coaching program that works for that person's unique body.

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