How a First Time Figure Competitor Won Overall

15 January

You may think it is impossible or that you could never do it, but I am going to share with you tips, tricks, techniques, and few covered-up secrets of how a first time figure competitor won overall, totally rocking the stage, kicking butt and taking names!

I am not going to sit here and blow sunshine up your skirt, telling you that everyone who reads this article is going to step on stage, rock it and take home first place. Sure, it can happen, but you need the CORRECT information and RIGHT tools to make it happen.

So, sit back, relax, and let me tell you how a first time figure competitor won overall!

This young lady had just turned 35 and wanted to do something different, something exciting in her life. She had been seeing the figure and fitness models on magazine covers and on the Internet, and even at the gym where she worked out. She thought it would be interesting and fun to take part in a local figure competition and so she began her exciting new journey to the figure stage.

She followed her figure competition diet diligently, weight trained as instructed and did her cardio as outline and she made jaw-dropping body transformation changes each week. Once she began seeing her body change she got more excited and began her tanning and learning her poses.

Now, she didn't have it in her mind to win, she just wanted to compete and at least place and get a trophy, but keep reading and you will find out how a first time figure competitor won overall.

As the final week approached, commonly known as peak week, she modestly lowered her calories and carbs, implemented a glycogen depletion workout, and lowered her water intake in a structured manner to remove excess water from under her skin. During peak week she reported that she saw her body changing after each meal, getting harder with more detail, and fuller muscle bellies.

Finally, her big day came. She did everything she was instructed to do by her figure coach. She walked out on stage with 6 other girls in her line-up, most of them much younger and holding a bit more muscle size.

Pre-judging went well and no one really knew how she was going to place since all the girls were top-quality. During the evening show the crowd cheered and roared as she was called out as the 1st Place Winner. What is even MORE amazing is that she only weighed 98 pounds!

So, how a first time figure competitor won overall was simply by having the CORRECT information on how to diet, train, do cardio, and pose. It doesn't matter who you are, how tall you are, how much you weight, how old you are... If you want to compete in a figure contest and win, just having the right information on the figure prep process can take you to the top.

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