How to Choose Your Figure Competition Heels

16 January

Now that you have decided to compete in a figure competition you need to select your figure competition heels.

When should you purchase your competition heels?

What color figure heels to purchase?

Can they have a design?

How high of a heel do I need?

Can they contain a platform?

It is recommended that you get your competition shoes 3-4 months prior to your figure competition to provide enough time to practice how to walk and turn in them.

Your figure contest heels need to be clear. They should not have any color such as black, gold, silver, etc. A clear heel furnishes the mirage of an elongated leg. When you wear a heel with color, such as black, your legs stop suddenly and it becomes apparent that the shoe is present. The clear heel, however, doesn't draw the judges' eyes away from your build. You can have a rhinestone design on your shoes, yet keep it minute.

Your heels should be at least 5" high. You will require at least 5 inches to provide your legs an elongated appearance, as well as balance for your calves and overall tightness. Regardless of your height, tall or short, you need a figure show shoe that's at least 5".

You may select a heel that you slip your foot into or choose one with a strap on the top of your foot. Purchase a heel that you find comfortable and that you can walk well in.

Get a heel a half size smaller. When your heel is 5" high it shoves your toes to the tip of your shoe, leaving a opening at your heel. By wearing a shoe a half size smaller, it will eliminate the gap at your heel.

Do not select platforms, as they simply make you look clumsy on stage.

Practice walking in your heels. Practice walking in your house in your heels before you think about stepping on the figure stage. To get the feel for your heels, practice walking on solid areas to learn balance and control. Practice walking in your figure heels in front of someone who can give you honorable feedback, such as a figure coach or a seasoned figure athlete.

Once you can control and balance your walk on hard surfaces, begin walking on carpet so you can practice your turns and pivots. It's grueling to turn on carpet, consequently, if you can learn to turn and pivot on carpet you can turn and pivot on a hard surface like a figure pro.

Now that you can walk, turn, and pivot in your 5" shoes, it's time to practice walking while swinging your arms. Hold your head high, hold your abs in tight, and keep a natural rhythm in your walking. All the practice walking helps to break-in your figure heels to stop blisters on your show day.

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