How to Dial-In For Your Figure Competition

15 January

The decision to take part in your first figure competition can be a wonderful experience, but comes along with some focused dedication in regards to diet and exercise. Many figure competitors do well dieting and training for their figure contest, but fall short on how to properly prepare for peak week. Knowing how to correctly approach the final week can literally make or break your chances at winning.

In this short article I'm going to share with you little secrets and tips on how to dial-in for your figure competition.

Secret Tip #1 - Omit bread and dairy

You may think that omitting bread and dairy is not necessary and/or unhealthy, but ask any successful figure competitor how she won and she will tell you that she avoided milk and dairy in her figure competition diet. However, the trick is to wean off the two several weeks out from your contest, and eventually omit them. Removing these two food items from your figure contest diet will guarantee that you will dial-in for your figure competition.

Secret Tip #2 - Low-carb it

Is low-carbing a dieting fad? Do low-carbs work for fat loss or don't they. Well, 10 out of 10 successful figure competitors low-carb to burn off excess body fat to get lean and cut for their contest. This doesn't mean you have to low-carb the entire dieting process. The secret trick is to begin your figure prep diet with carbs and over the course of weeks, slowly wean them out. As you remove complex/starchy carbs, replace them with non-starchy veggies for best fat-loss effect.

Secret Tip #3 - Force that water out

Now, if you want to, and I mean REALLY want to dial-in for your figure competition and even win, you need to get that water from under your skin out. There is a secret trick do this so you aren't flat and strung out on stage. It's all in manipulating your diet and water intake. The problem most figure time figure competitors make is purging their water too soon and stopping their water too soon. Cutting your sodium and water intake too far out from your figure contest will make you HOLD water the day of your show, making you as smooth as a baby's bottom on stage. You need to know EXACTLY when to lower your sodium and when to decrease your water intake.

Look, prepping for a figure competition doesn't have to be hard. You just need the RIGHT information on how to dial-in for your figure competition. With the right figure competition diet and training program, you can build muscle, lose fat, and OWN the stage.

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