The BEST Figure Competition Arm Exercises

16 January

Choosing to enter and compete in a figure contest is an exciting decision, but it can come along with anxiety and stress for the newbie, as well as the seasoned competitor. All too often, many figure competitors enter competitions completely lacking proportion and balance in their arms. Underdeveloped arms can cost you a good placement and even a win. Fortunately, I am going to give you some of the absolute BEST figure competition arm exercises to build well-shaped shoulders, biceps, and triceps to blow away the audience and judges!

To be in top-shape, figure competitors must diet precisely to strip their body of all excess fat to allow the muscles to show. But, that is just a portion of the equation. To build the muscle needed to get on the figure stage you have to weight train to build a solid base.

Implement the following important figure competition arm exercises, tips, and tricks to power-up your arm workout so you can display head-turning arms on stage for a possible win.

Shoulders - The shoulders are the focal point of the upper body and arms. Without well-developed shoulders, you may be overlooked on stage. To build well-rounded and capped shoulders, always start your shoulder workout with shoulder presses. The shoulder press is a compound movement, hitting the entire shoulder simultaneously.

Once you completed a few sets of shoulder presses, follow-up with Arnold presses, rear delt rows, and lateral raises. Choose 3-4 sets per exercise in the 8-12 rep range.

Triceps - For head-turning arms, your figure competition arm exercises need to follow a certain sequence, hitting the largest muscle and working down. The next body part to work should be the triceps, as they are larger than the biceps.

Begin your triceps workout with hitting the longest head first with such exercises as the overhead extension, dips, or close-grip bench press. Follow up your triceps training with skulls, and pushdowns for an overall triceps workout. Choose 3-4 sets per exercise in the 8-12 rep range.

Biceps - The biceps are the trademark of working out, as it is the first body part flexed when people want to display their muscle. To build great biceps start your biceps training off with straight bar curls to build the belly of the muscle. Follow-up with alternate dumbbell curls and hammer curls for a well-rounded biceps workout. Choose 3-4 sets per exercise in the 8-12 rep range.

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