The BEST Figure Competition Leg Exercises

16 January

Making the choice to enter and compete in a figure competition is a terrific goal. However, it can be quite overwhelming and downright scary as well. What a lot of figure competitors are lacking these days on the competitive stage are well-developed legs. Poor leg development can give you a low placement. Luckily, I'm going to share with you some of the BEST figure competition leg exercises so you can develop and sculpt them to win your next contest.

As a female figure competitor not only do you have to diet strictly to pull your body fat levels down, but you have to also implement a rigid training and cardio program to build muscle and lose fat. You will need to be well-developed and finely polished for the panel of judges to place you well.

Use these vital figure competition leg exercises and tips to take your leg training to the next level!

Squat - Squats are a compound exercise, meaning it hits ALL the muscles in the legs at the same time. It is critical that you include squats in your leg training program. It's a good idea to alternate squats and the leg press every other leg workout. This will allow a bit of variety in a multi-joint leg exercise.

Hack squats - Hack squats are a wonderful exercise to include to develop that popular teardrop everyone is after. If you want that well-know quad sweep for those sexy figure competitor legs, you really, REALLY need to include hack squats in your figure weight training program. If you don't have access to a hack squat machine, a Smith Machine will do the job just a well.

Stiff-legged dead lifts - Stiff-legged dead lifts, commonly referred to as SLDL are one of the BEST leg exercises for the hamstrings. If you have weak hams or want that quad/ham separation, it is critical that you add in stiff-legged dead lifts in your figure competition leg exercises. Using dumbbells will allow you to do SLDL drop sets easily.

Walking lunges - Walking lunges are another terrific hamstring builder to give you beautiful quad/ham separation. Walking lunges will also work all the muscles in your upper leg, but it makes a dramatic impact on your hams and glutes. A great way to amp up your walking lunge workout is hold a dumbbell in each hand and feel more of a burn.

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