What You NEED to Know About Figure Competitions and Supplements

16 January

Have you ever thought about taking part in a figure contest? If so you have probably done a little researching and came across a number of things your need to do prior to entering your first figure competition. One of the biggest controversies is whether to use figure contest supplementation or not.

I will assist you to make sense of all the figure contest supplement prep data to help you to contend in your next figure competition.

The main thing a figure newbie will usually do is stock up on tons of supplements. Now, a lot of articles you will come across will recommend that you do not require supplementation, that you can build a wining figure athletes physique with out them... Just implement the perfect figure diet, training, and cardio and viola'. Perhaps, except that is generally for the genetically gifted. The majority of us aren't genetically gifted and need some top-quality supplementation to assist in energy enhancement, pick-up the metabolism, aid in muscle recuperation, etc. I won't put down figure contest supplementation because they are helpful and 99.9% of the other figure competitors take them.

Getting into figure competition condition is not normal and you just don't end up in figure competition condition by dieting, training, and doing cardio. Your figure contest diet needs to be somewhat restrictive and combined with high-impact exercise and more than average cardio to get very low body fat. Figure contest preparation is a system and it can be fairly challenging to your body. However, with the correct supplement agenda you can spare lean muscle tissue, keep your metabolism on fire, AND melt body fat.

Complete Protein

To build and keep the lean muscle mass necessary to step on the figure competition stage you will need to eat enough protein. Typically, the figure contest complete ratio is around 1 gm of protein for each pound of body weight. But, this may vary based on the figure competitor's activity level. In this instance, protein supplementation will be beneficial. Otherwise you are going to be cooking and eating a great deal of meat daily. Consuming two protein drinks a day as snacks powerfully gives you your protein requirements for figure competition prep.


Figure competition workouts and cardiovascular are demanding! Forceful resistance training and stress depletes your muscles of this treasured amino acid and your body cannot produce adequate amounts of it when you are hard-training. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in your body, and even though your body can make it, it's not sufficient to satisfy your body's demands from weight training and dieting. To make sure you maintain your muscle mass and burn off your body fat, supplementing with glutamine is extremely helpful.

Fat Burning Supplements

There are several forms of fat burners and one of the most popular fat burners are thermos. Thermogenics produce heat by way of metabolic stimulation in turn kicking up your metabolism and burning more calories. Thermos ordinarily work effectively when cycled to avoid your body from becoming accustomed to one set amount.

When taking figure competition supplements ensure you know what to take, when to take it, how much to take, and when to wean off of it. Also, one more vital note about figure competition supplements is to be sure to choose high-grade quality supplements.

This is just a brief overview of figure contest supplementation. If you want the total program of which supplements are quality, how to take them and when to take them, as well as the supplements to leave on the shelf, you REALLY need to check out "Figure Competition Secrets." It's the complete figure competition diet and prep system to lead you to win your figure competition. If you aren't implementing "Figure Competition Secrets" your competition IS.

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