Your First Figure Competition Contest

08 January

Deciding to compete in your first figure contest is exciting, but it can be an overwhelming decision as well. There is a lot of figure prep information available and if you dig in too deep you can find yourself in information overload mode. However, with the right information you can make a figure body transformation quickly and easily.

In this short article I am going a few tips, tricks, and secrets to make your first figure competition a success.

Know there will be sacrifices along the way - A successful figure prep program is no doubt going to involve some dietary and social sacrifices. There will be times you can't eat at your favorite restaurant with your friends. There will also be times when you will have to workout and do cardio rather than go out partying. These small sacrifices are what really separate the winners from the contenders.

Use cheats to your advantage - While you may not always be able to eat unprescribed food or restaurant food on the whim, you can, however, have such foods if you carefully plan them into your schedule. If you follow your figure competition diet 100% for a solid 6 days, you can allow yourself a cheat day on the 7th day. This one day of cheating will throw a monkey wrench in the works and trick your body into thinking it's going to be receiving a surplus of calories.

Amp-up your training to boost your metabolism - No doubt, your first figure contest will be somewhat of a learning experience, but that's how you get to know your body. While there are many myths stating that you don't need to do high-rep workouts, you will crank-up your metabolism and burn more body fat by including a few more reps in your figure training.

Find a good and well-established figure coach - Usually, with your first figure contest you may tend to be wishy-washy with your diet, cardio, and training. This isn't a bad thing it is just a natural response to unfamiliar territory. To keep you on the straight and narrow path of a successful figure prep, it would be wise to invest in a qualified figure coach. An experienced figure coach will know exactly what to do to boost fat loss, break through plateaus, and take you though peak week to ensure you are at your best and even possibly win.

Your first figure contest should be a journey that's fun and interesting. With the right figure competition diet and training you can compete with confidence and even win.

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