3 Genuine Tips on Beautiful Leg Development

03 February

Finally! Get the real truth about how to lean out your legs and build quality muscle at the same time. If you are confused about the multitude amount of cross information you receive on message boards about how to create beautiful legs, your prayers are answered.

Think about it. In just 12 weeks from now you can have beautifully shaped legs with well-defined muscles as well as cuts and separation in just the right places.

If you think this is impossible, think again. I have 3 genuine tips on how you can create beautiful leg development in no time flat.

To create beautiful and well-developed legs you obviously need to train them with resistance. Weight training will build your leg muscles to give them shape, proportion, and symmetry.

Well-built and balanced legs is the finishing touch to your overall physique package, and nothing does this better than good ole' weight training.

Beautiful Leg Development Tip #1

To create beautiful legs, include a compound exercise in the beginning of your leg-training routine. Compound exercises stimulate all the muscles and joints of the targeted area being trained. Compound exercises improve your core and allow you to lift more poundage which results in greater muscle growth.

Leg compound exercises include:


Leg press

Stiff-legged deadlift

Beautiful Leg Development Tip #2

To break though leg plateaus and stimulate new leg growth it's vital to constantly shock your leg training program with a variety of sets and repetitions.

On the basic level, to build muscle you have to employ heavy poundage with minimal reps (6-8). However, leg training can greatly differ from your upper body and your legs can benefit from light to moderate poundage using high reps in the 30-50 rep range at times.

So, am I saying to eliminate heavy poundage and low-rep training? No; not at all. What I'm saying is both (heavy weight/low reps and light weight/high reps) have their place in a leg training program. Combining both forms of training targets every muscle fiber in your legs, sparking new growth.

Beautiful Leg Development Tip #3

If you want to create stunning legs, then you must employ a variety of training principles. Training principles allow you to keep your body off guard, which opens the pathways to new growth and metabolic boost.

A few simple training principles you should consider including in your leg training program are:




Compound sets

Giant sets

Drop sets

Conclusion to Beautiful Leg Development

In short, if you want to build beautiful and well-shaped legs that turn every head, you have to put forth effort and applied knowledge. Don't jump into your leg training haphazardly. Have a plan of attack and take your leg training to new levels.

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