3 Simple Ways to Lose Weight Fast

09 February

When it comes to weight loss, many people struggle daily with this task which can seem impossible. They put together various calculations of numbers to create a workable equation. Generally, it looks great on paper, but most find it difficult to carry out.

If this sounds like you then I can tell you 3 simple ways to lose weight fast with no counting, measuring, weighing, etc.

If you want quick and easy weight loss, read on...

If you are what you eat, what exactly are you? Since most people today don't take the time to prepare healthy meals that actually allow their body to function optimally, most people, if categorized by what they eat, are fast, easy, and cheap.

Don't you just wish there was a magic pill you could take that would just melt off the pounds, boost energy, increase health, ward off illness and disease, and keep you looking young?

Well, there's no pill to do all that specifically, but there are three things that you can begin incorporating right now to get you on that path and they are to:

Drink more water

Eat more fiber

Get more exercise

Yes, adding or increasing these three little factors can have a dramatic impact on your body, health, self-esteem, and overall mental attitude.

Drink more water - Your body is composed of primarily water. Water makes up your heart, blood, muscles, brain, kidneys, lunges, eyes, bones, etc. In addition, your body uses water to flush toxins out, neutralize acids and dilute excess acids. It's quite obvious that water is a critical element and most people are severely dehydrated and not even aware of it.

Mild dehydration can slow down your metabolism. Without proper hydration levels your body can become acidic and store toxins in the fat stores, halting fat loss dead in its tracks.

Drinking colas, coffee, teas, etc. is not the hydration answer. Caffeine, in many of the drinks people choose to quench thirst, can cause further dehydration.

For a metabolic boost and flushing fat you should be drinking pure and fresh filtered water. Just adding 16 ounces of water between your meals can give you the hydration-edge you need to get fat moving and the weight off.

Eat more fiber - A good part of effective weight loss is having food moving through your system fluently. By adding more high-fiber foods to your diet it can keep your bowels moving correctly, it will keep you fuller longer, and it will aid in fat burning.

Most people don't eat near the amount of fiber needed for fat loss or overall health. To improve both of these areas, aim for 25-30 grams of fiber a day from whole grains, brown rice, fruits, legumes, etc.

Get more exercise - Getting active will boost your metabolism, increase endorphins, and will ease stress. For overall fat loss, cardiovascular exercise should be included in your exercise program. Shoot for 20 minutes four times a week as a starter. When you feel you have adapted to that cardio format, increase your intensity and/or duration. Cardio works best for fat loss when you keep it new and fresh.

Choose an activity you enjoy or that you can do with a friend. If you can keep your exercise of choice fun, you are more likely to continue with it.

Conclusion to 3 Simple Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Simply by implementing these 3 simple and natural tactics, you can be well on your way to a healthy and fit body in no time at all.

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