7 Ways You Can Lose Fat Immediately

03 February

What if I could give you 7 simple ways for you to start burning fat right now?

Think it's impossible?

Below are 7 easy steps you can employ every day to get fat moving and burn it right off your body.

1. Drink water - Water is the element that constitutes about 70% of your body. You can survive longer without food then without water. Water will flush fat, sodium, and toxins right out your body. Stay well-hydrated for optimal fat loss.

2. Eat more meals a day - Your body is working 24/7. Eating three meals a day is just not enough to provide the nourishment your body needs throughout one day if your goal is health, muscle maintenance, and fat loss.

To keep your metabolism up you would be better off eating 5-6 small balanced meals a day. This keeps a steady flow of nutrients pumping through your system.

3. Lower your carbs - From our previous teachings of the high-carb diet, it has lead to a population of people being overweight, carb-sensitive, and type 2 diabetes.

To gain control over this carb-abuse, reduce your carb intake. It's not necessary to go extreme low carbs, but do take them down slowly and find your zone for fat loss to occur.

4. Eat more protein - Protein is necessary for your body's organs, cells, and tissues to function. Protein is basically the building blocks of your body and essential for your metabolism.

By eating more protein you can boost your metabolism and build lean eye-pleasing muscle.

5. Eat less processed foods - To get that fat off your hips, thighs, buttocks, and stomach, ditch the processed foods such as boxed crackers, "healthy" frozen meals, and anything of the like.

A hint: the food from Mother Nature is the best for your body and waistline. The more ingredients listed on the label, the more it can contribute to fat on your body.

6. Weight train - Workout with weights and build lean body mass. This will kick-up your metabolism, burn more calories, and burn more fat.

Simply by adding lean muscle to your frame you can totally reshape your body.

7. Hit the cardio - Adding cardio to your fat loss plan will also burn calories and burn fat. A way to boost your cardio is intensify it with HIIT (high intensity interval training). HIIT involves intervals of rapid cardio with spans of low intensity.

Follow these quick and easy steps and you will begin losing fat and shaping up in no time flat!

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