9 Reasons You Are NOT Building Muscle - Bodybuilding Errors

03 February

If you've been pounding the iron every day, doing set after set and repetition after repetition and are showing absolutely zero results, you are probably making some costly mistakes just like many other bodybuilders.

This article is to identify and tackle each bodybuilding error to ensure you are building muscle. When you eliminate the obstacles, you start making progress.

If you are ready to start making muscle gains, then read on...

Error #1: No Starting Point Many bodybuilders fail to show any progress when embarking on a new weight-training program because they have absolutely no idea of where to start. Before beginning a training program you need to first assess your physique. What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses? Which body parts need to be brought up to speed or balanced out?

Error #2: Tackle Plateaus Immediately Often time's, bodybuilders have a small growth spurt and then it stalls dead in its tracks. When this occurs they have no idea how to continue to produce gains. Hitting a plateau is not a detriment; it's a red flag to tell you to change something in your program. This could mean more calories, more rest, or a simple change in training. Heed the warning and make changes when necessary.

Error #3: Failure to Track Most bodybuilders don't know how to track their progress, or they neglect to track their progress. Often times, bodybuilders fail to have a structured system to follow to evaluate and gauge their progress. Without a roadmap, you are headed down a dead end road.

Error #4: Neglecting the Weakest Link It's common among bodybuilders to train their strongest body part more because it feeds their ego. Those who don't train or those who fail to put 100% into their weak body parts are doing themselves a great injustice, which can create imbalances.

Error #5: Supplement Reliance Many bodybuilders get a condition called supplement-overload. This is simply taking too many supplements in hopes to build a superhuman body overnight. There are a few key supplements that help to build muscle. Knowing what supplement to take and when to take it can make all the difference in muscle gains. Overloading on the latest supplement trend will only deflate your wallet.

Error #6: No Intensity I see a lot of bodybuilders lacking intensity. Anaerobic intensity is not high-volume training. Training intensity is the poundage and force used. When you fail to challenge your muscles, your body will fail to grow.

Error #7: Information Overload It's common for bodybuilders to be in a whirlwind of excess information. Information overload is having too much information and not having the slightest idea of how to implement any of it. Building muscle is not complicated. Go back to the basics, train, eat, rest = growth.

Error #8: Poor Form Bad form is another major mistake made among bodybuilders. Many bodybuilders are ego lifters. The weight they try to push is so much that proper form is missing, which can cause injury.

Error #9: Fear of Carbs Shunning the carbs is a major muscle-building error. Carbs are stored in the muscles as muscle glycogen. This is the fuel for weight training. Without the proper muscle fuel you will be in a muscle wastage state. You can eat protein until it comes out of your ears, but if you don't have glycogen stores, you won't increase your strength or muscle gains.

Conclusion This is just skimming the surface of bodybuilding errors. However, if you can avoid the above you can maximize muscle gains and strength levels far beyond you ever imagined.

To be a success you have to keep yourself and your ego in check. Keep in mind your goal is progression, not perfection. If it means taking a few days off of training, so be it. Sometimes, taking a step back can put you two steps ahead.

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