Bodybuilding, the Symmetrical Side

16 February

Symmetry is how the body parts fit together to form your structure and how your upper and lower body are balanced, as well as your left and right side.

Flex Wheeler and Lenda Murray have to have some of the best symmetry I have ever witnessed in the sport of bodybuilding. They both possess cannon ball deltoids, wide lats, extremely small waists, large quads with flaring sweeps, well-developed calves, and full muscle bellies. Every body part is in balance with the other.

Symmetry is genetic, but there is a lot you can do with what you are given. If you want great symmetry like the pros, then you have to start thinking like a pro and not train harder per se, but train smarter.

Obviously, wide shoulders and back with a small waist looks exceptional. Therefore, structure your upper body training to meet that standard.

The Upper Body

Heavy shoulder presses will build the foundation and lateral raises will further enhance the symmetry. Chins and lat pull downs will build a wide back to give you that well-known "V" taper, and the rows will thicken your back.

The Waist

Your waistline can have a dramatic effect on your symmetry. Small hips are a plus, but if this category is working against you, then you have to put more emphasis on your back and shoulder width to make the waist appear smaller. Also, steer clear from twisting movements and weighted side bends, as these can thicken the mid-section.

The Lower Body

Legs are the final aspect to extraordinary symmetry. You can't just train legs; you have to BUILD them. Pack on the mass with heavy squats and bring out the outer sweep with hack squats.

On the flip side, if you are holding extra non-muscle weight in the lower body, you will be better off using light to moderate weight with the squats and leg press. This basically comes down to your body type and genetics.

These are just the basics to great symmetry. While they are effective for making a symmetrical difference, don't forget the chest, all angles of the shoulders, arms, and calves.

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