How to Achieve Permanent Weight Loss

03 February

The number of fast food restaurants is on the rise, and so is our waistline. You would think with the number of health clubs and carb-friendly foods available, there shouldn't be a weight issue at all.

Obesity is growing faster than a weed. There are millions of diet programs and diet pills to choose from. Turn on the television at any given time and you are bombarded with infomercial's marketing the latest exercise machine, guaranteeing you overnight success.

Sure, the idea of all those ads focus on weight loss, but they fail to mention how to go about attaining true and permanent weight loss. True weight loss is a combination of health and wellness, and it is created in a balance of nutrition and exercise, not a pill or a piece of aluminum that gives you 'washboard abs'. True weight loss is the reduction of body fat and the maintenance and even building lean muscle tissue.

The majority of the population is completely confused about how to actually rid their body of fat. Magazine ads and commercials keep you in the dark. The more confused you are, the more likely you will buy into their latest product. Doesn't that make you angry? Aren't you tired of being lied to?

Successful, true, and permanent weight loss is not that difficult, once you understand a few basics and implement them correctly. The basics are nutrition and exercise. Yes, it's that simple.

Nutrition is what nourishes our bodies to function, to build muscle, and to lose fat. If your nutrition is not in order, then you will never be successful at true or permanent weight loss.

Nutrition for Permanent Weight Loss

Nutrition is not the new low-carb wrap or carb-friendly sandwich at the corner drive-through. As mouth watering, eye pleasing, and tasty as these low-carb goodies may seem, it's merely a fallacy of real nutrition. I can personally guarantee that you will not rid a substantial amount of body fat by consuming carb-friendly items on a continual basis. Such goodies are fine once in a while, but don't make them the staple of your nutrition program. Choose real food. Eat what Mother Nature intended for you to eat.

Exercise for Permanent Weight Loss

Exercise is the second aspect of true and permanent weight loss. This is not merely sporadic exercise, but a precise plan of what you will do on a continual basis. This does not have to be long, drawn out, or hours of extreme intensity. The key to exercise is consistency, variety, and progression.

Exercise comes in two forms, aerobic and anaerobic, and both should be incorporated for true and permanent weight loss. By including both forms, you will be able to increase your metabolism, build lean muscle, burn body fat, and drop inches, hence fitting into those sexy summer shorts.

Conclusion to Permanent Weight Loss

In conclusion, don't neglect the basics and rely on short cuts to meet your goals. You get out what you put into it. Make a decision, write down some goals, and set a deadline. Focus on progression and keep pushing through and you will come out a winner!

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