Killer Quads Part I

16 February

A nice set of legs is what really makes a bodybuilder outstanding! Leg training is very popular, and knowing how to effectively train your legs will bring you to greater heights.

While many people focus on quality leg training, all too many are either over training, under training, or keeping their leg training stagnant, and in turn, halting their potential development.

Building a nice pair of legs takes work, from the mind and the body, as well as adequate rest. While minimal sets and repetitions will build muscular legs, many are stuck in a rut and need a shock.

Note: This newsletter is not about "ripping up" the legs. You have to have a foundation built before you can sculpt the muscle. Focus on building mass now and sculpting later.

Over Training Legs

I have seen many ladies training in the gym who had awesome potential to build some muscular legs, but all I saw them doing was over taxing them. Over trained legs will never produce desired results.

If you are among those who take part in leg training for mass, then you should limit your cardio to only 3 times a week for 20 minutes at most. Excessive biking, use of the stepper, the elliptical, and other such high impact cardio techniques will not allow your leg muscles to rest properly. A muscle can only grow when it is allowed to rest.

Intensity, stimulation, and rest will build muscular legs. Save the extra cardio after you have built your legs, and when you begin to diet down. Keep your leg training limited to only once a week.

Under Training Legs

Just as I have seen many ladies over training legs, I do witness many under training their legs, leaving the last few minutes in the gym dedicated to their 10-minute leg routine.

You may be under training if you engage in only a few sets of light squats or leg presses, or totally neglect these mass building exercises completely. There is a certain amount of effort and determination that goes into leg training to provide desired results. However, too much can lead to over training, so you need to find a happy medium.

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