The Silent Villain: Candida

16 February

After a restful sleeps night, do you wake up feeling completely drained before you even put a foot on the floor? Even though you are a very focused individual, are your thoughts often foggy? You actively exercise and eat right, but are you still at least 15 pounds or more overweight? Despite your dietary limitations, is your stomach swollen? Even though you are relatively young, do you feel 20 years older than you are?

If these are very familiar symptoms that seem completely out of your control, relax. There could be an underlying condition in your system taking over and leaving you helplessly behind. That condition could be Candidia albican.

What is Candida?

Candida albican is a yeast that is normally found in the body, usually the digestive system (mouth, throat, and intestines). It is necessary because it destroys harmful bacteria and protects our bodies. There are millions of Candida albicans in a healthy system, and the immune system keeps it regulated with the "friendly" bacteria such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and B. bifidum.

Low stomach acid and/or poor digestion can cause food matter to be left in the digestive system. Candida's job is to pick up this left over food matter to keep the digestive system working properly. If it fails to do this, harmful bacteria can grab the food deposits and reproduce.
An overgrowth of candida (Candidiasis) can cause an array of problems. When the amount of "friendly" bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus and B. bifidum) is reduced due to antibiotics, refined sugar, and toxins, the candida out number the "friendly" bacteria and it will change the candida from a yeast to a fungal and actually become a threat to the body. When this happens you can experience many effects, including weight gain, food cravings, headaches, depression, fatigue, etc. Due to Candidiasis many symptoms, it's often either undetected or misdiagnosed for many years, causing more and more problems down the line.

Candidiasis can inhibit fat loss and cause your stomach to distend out. It is a new condition, created by side effects of antibiotics and refined foods. In addition, birth control pills, chemotherapy, radiation, stress, and overeating all can be contributors to Candidiasis. It may be one of the primary cause of weight issues and obesity.

Why it's not recognized

Doctors routinely treat women for localized yeast infections in the vaginal tract, but rarely consider that the same yeast can cause problems in other areas of the body, such as the digestive tract. This is primarily due to the fact that doctors aren't taught this in medical school. The primary focus in medical school is drugs and procedures. Little is taught on actually preventing and curing ailments and diseases.

In addition, Candidiasis symptoms are lengthy and are very similar to other illnesses and diseases such as sinusitis. In efforts to treat the sinusitis, the doctors prescribed antibiotics, which make the Candidiasis worse!

Candidiasis is also many times misdiagnosed as cancer. Yes, an overgrowth of Candidia albican can show up a cancer on medical testing. I personally had two e-clients who had cancerous cells on their ovaries. I encourage them to do a detoxify cleansing and within six weeks, both ladies were cancer cell free. Needless to say, their doctors could careless how they did it.

Since Candidiasis is often not diagnosed, the problems spread and many times, more and more antibiotics are administered. This puts a strain on the immune system making the body more susceptible to other illnesses, infections, diseases, and the ability to lose fat difficult.
Sadly, Candidiasis is a disease brought on by our medical community and convenient lifestyle of antibiotics, birth control pills, refined carbohydrates, etc.

How Candidiasis Affects Your Weight

Candidiasis and can be one of the contributing factors that many people are overweight or have difficulty losing weight. Candidiasis is basically your digestion process is all messed and causes you to store more fat. This is largely due to the fact that the toxins in the digestive system cause the body to become more acidic. When the body is in an acidic condition, it can not burn fat, build muscle, and the body is more prone to illnesses and diseases. The weight gain from Candidiasis can be any where from 15 to 50 pounds and this weight is stored in the gut.

As the Candidiasis becomes more widespread throughout the body, your cravings for sugar and refined carbs intensify. This overwhelming sensation can cause you to succumb to your cravings, allowing the Candidiasis to thrive longer and stronger and keeping you at its whim.

Candidiasis Signs and Symptoms can include:

· Sluggish metabolism

· Increases in carb and sugar cravings

· Improper digestion

· Food allergies

· Weight gain

· Gas and/or cramping or bloating after eating

· Hypoglycemia

· Feeling light headed after eating certain foods

· Fatigue after eating

· Feeling drunk after a high carb meal since Candidiasis waste is alcohol

Other Signs and Symptoms can include:

· Intense PMS

· Chest pain

· Joint pain

· Night sweats

· Mood swings

· Depression

· Memory loss

· Blurred visions

· Headaches

· Insomnia

· Fungal infections (yeast infections, athletes foot, etc.)

· Sexual dysfunction

· Rashes, hives, or other skin conditions

· Anxiety

· Hyperactivity

· Excessive mucus in throat, nose and lungs

· Sinus pressure

Other Contributing Factors

Antibiotics are usually the primary cause of Candidiasis. Healthy bacteria that line the digestive tract are destroyed by antibiotics. This can allow for an overgrowth of Candidia too. Personally, I think doctors are too quick to prescribe drugs to treat ailments rather than getting to the root of the problem. Most of the time, the prescribed drugs cause more side effects than treating the problem.

Pregnancy predisposes a woman to Candidiasis because it alters the body's pH balance and becomes more acidic. An acidic environment is the perfect breeding ground for a Candidia yeast overgrowth.

Reduced bowel movements keep fecal matter in the colon too long. You should be having at least three bowel movements a day, if not more. Animals have a bowel movement after each meal. This is normal. If you are having less than three bowel movements a day, you could possibly have Candidiasis.

Candidiasis is at its all time high to do mainly antibiotics, but also the standard American diet. Today's "nutrition" contains a great deal of refined foods, including fast food, sodas, pastas, breads, etc. Refined carbs and sugar just give Candidia a breeding ground to multiply and take over.

We are also exposed to antibiotics and other drugs in animal meats and other animal products we eat. Steroids and antibiotics are given to livestock in mass amounts to prevent infection and induce growth. This is why it's so important to eat organic.

Dairy products carry trace amounts of antibiotics. Not only that, the processing milk goes through destroys the milks natural enzymes. The sugar in milk also creates a breeding ground for Candidiasis to multiply.

Another not so recognized factor in Candidiasis is environmental factors. This includes pesticides, additives, and preservatives in your food, car exhaust, chemical plants, heavy metals, and most commercial personal hygiene products. These elements are foreign to the body, and therefore the body cannot digest it. These chemicals sit in the digestive tract and become toxic and make the body acidic.

Are you a Candidiasis Candidate?

1. Have you ever or do you use birth control pills?

2. Have you ever or do you take antibiotics?

3. Have you ever or do you take steroids?

4. Have you ever or do you have fungal infections? (yeast infections or athletes foot)

Do you commonly experience any of the above Signs or Symptoms?

You can get rid of Candidiasis. In doing so you will have more energy, think clearer, clear up your skin, reduce your stomach pouch, lose weight, etc.

Conquering Candidiasis

There are alternative therapies for eliminating yeast. You must address the problem at the source and not merely "treat" it with drugs. You must rid the overgrowth of Candidia by adopting a natural and organic diet.

Fiber is a major issue in fighting off Candidiasis. Fiber helps the body to flush toxins and bowel. Friendly bacteria need a diet rich in fiber to survive to fight off the fungus.

Sweating is an excellent way to detoxify your body and all your major organs. It is imperative that you sweat six times a week for 20-30 minutes to pull out impurities. You need to be sweating through system, not energy sweat, and therefore exercise sweating does not count. Dry saunas would be best. This is a very important step, and if you neglect it, you will be neglecting the detoxifying purpose.

Also, include nutritional supplements, herbs, and probiotics. Taking this natural approach can clear out Candidiasis in about six months to a year. It can take a long time because it thrives on impurities we consume and absorb.

Natural Steps You Can Take To Eliminate Candidiasis:

· Do a Candidia cleanse to purge the impurities

· Drink up to a gallon of filtered water a day to flush out dead yeast cells

· Eat more veggies for fiber

· Eat more whole grains such as rye or millet

· Avoid yeast and mold containing foods (cheeses, grapes, mushrooms)

· Avoid refined foods, sugar, and alcohol

· Avoid artificial sweeteners, additives, preservatives, etc.

· Eat organic foods

· Cabbage is a wonderful source of friendly bacteria.

· Virgin Olive Oil

· Even though yogurt has concentrated Lactobacilli that will suppress unhealthy bacteria, the sugar in it feeds the unhealthy bacteria. Freeze-dried L. acidophilus supplement would be superior.

Supplements You Can Take to Eliminate Candidiasis:

· Potent Multivitamin daily

· Vitamin C - 10-15 grams a day

· Vitamin E - 400 iu a day

· Zinc Chelate 25-50 mg a day

· Pantothenic Acid - 250 mg a day

· Taurine - 500-1000 mg a day

· Essential Fatty Acids (evening primrose oil, black current oil or borage oil) - 6-8 grams a day

· Goldenseal Root - 250 mg twice a day

· Pau D'Arco - 2,000 mg twice a day

· Garlic - 2,000 mg twice a day

· Caprylic acid - 1,000 - 2,000 mg daily with food

· Chlorophyll - 100 mg daily

· Lactobacillus acidophilus - 1 tsp three times a day (Take after 8 weeks of detoxing)

· Digestive enzyme with hydrochloric acid (HCL) before and after each meal. If you have ulcers, choose a digestive enzyme without HCL.

· German chamomile tea before and after meals will help to stimulate HCL

Keep in mind it could take several months to a year to rid your body of Candidiasis, if you don't stop feeding the fungus when truing to detoxify it. It thrives on impurities and an acidic environment. Therefore, as you cleanse with supplements, it's just as important to stop destructive behaviors such as eating the foods that can cause the Candidiasis to grow.

Once you clean the yeast out of your system you will feel and look like a new person. You will find that weight control is not such a struggle and you will feel completely rejuvenated.

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